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Last updated Jan 2018

10 September 1999 When I checked my e-mail this morning, I found out that I had gotten my first site award from the Internet Brothers - and it was a gold award. Not silver or bronze. Gold.

When I put up the web site I wasn't thinking of winning awards. I put it up because I was lonely here with no one who understood me. Those of you who e-mail me do understand. My website may have touched you, but you help me too. The world is a less frightening place for me because you are there.

For those of you who send me a note, and for those who read my site and are heartened, I offer this commitment. This website will remain open and receive some priority in my life, for as long as I am able to. I will try living up to the standard set in the review below.

Gold Plaque Recipient for Helpware September 1999 from the Internet Brothers

10 Sep 1999: "The Internet Brothers award is all about helping others. In my view, the ultimate help is one of self-sacrifice, the willingness to share one's innermost emotions and fears.

It has been proven to me time and time again, the most powerful way to help myself, is to get out of self, and help another. You also have learned that valuable lesson, and your humble graciousness is exemplary.

It is not always easy to convey feelings and experiences in words, especially in a public forum like the Internet. You have tossed away the barriers of uneasiness, opened your true soul to those who may find you, and delivered many important messages to those who suffer, but may not know it.

I hope that in some small way, recognition of your site with this insignificant web award can garner some notoriety for the work you have done. It is must reading for anyone afflicted with your condition; for anyone struggling to learn more about themselves. I say bravo!"

Internet Brothers' "Gold Plaque" Award is rated as a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Content Site of the Year 2009 Award from Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards

25 December 2009: "Congratulations!! It is with distinct honour and pleasure, we like to announce that you, Living Manic Depressive, won our Content Site of the Year 2009 award. This award is selected only once a year, amongst all the gold winners of the last year.

It is awarded to THE site which content is so good, one absolutely cannot live without. In short the best of the best! And you just jumped out above all as the only gold winner this year."

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award is rated Level 5.0+ Elite by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Gold Award from Tim's Spider Awards

20 Jun 2009: "Dear Mr. Jinnah! Your website design is simple but smooth and easy to use... but man what a great information we got here. I am sure your website will help a lot of people out there! Again congratulations, my Golden Spider Award is yours!!"

Tim's Spider Awards is rated Level 5.0+ Elite by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Gold Award from Casey's Celtic Charm Awards

10 Jun 2009: "We are very pleased to present your site with the Casey's Celtic Charm Gold Award, which also qualifies as a WTA at Website Awards. Thank-you for giving us the opportunity to review your work. Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages. You are most deserving of many accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all."

Casey's Celtic Charm Award is rated Level 5.0+ Elite by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Gold Award from Vie's Inn of Wonders' Awards

24 May 2009: "There is nothing more excited then than to come across a well-documented health site. Because such sites benefit everyone they come in contact with by informing them in a clear and thorough way of all aspects of a disease or condition, just like you do. And when it’s done with all one’s heart put into it, it makes it double special…

I am very grateful for having been allowed to visit and pleased to give you hence my gold award."

Vie's Inn of Wonders' Award is rated Level 5.0+ Elite by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Silver Award from the Award of Paradise Program

22 May 2009: "We were impressed with your site, it is a great information for people who have bipolar disorder to help with the daily problems. This site is about one man's journey to find himself. For many years he was an undiagnosed person living with bipolar disease. However, instead of crying about it he has gone to school and become successful and learned to live with this disorder. This site shows the progress of this incredible man through the terrible depths of this disease. There is so much information on this site it is incredible. I feel this site offers people an invaluable service and am glad that I was offered a chance to evaluate this wonderful site."

The Award of Paradise Program is rated Level 5.0 by Diskus Award-Index

Internet Beacon Diamond Award 2007 from the The Internet Beacon

31 Dec 2007: "This award is presented each year to one Gold Award-winning site that best displays the spirit and purpose of the Internet Beacon Awards -- the idea that one person CAN make a difference. Your site, especially your willingness to share your personal experiences, continues on as a very helpful resource for those who struggle with manic depression. "

The Internet Beacon Diamond Award is rated Level 5.0+ Elite by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Internet Beacon Gold Award July-September 2007 from the The Internet Beacon

2 Jul 2007: "Your web site, Living Manic Depressive, has qualified for the Internet Beacon Gold Award.

I found a no-nonsense web site with a clean design that is easy to navigate. And your willingness to share your own experiences and struggles with others may well save a life, if it hasn't already. You have my profound respect and admiration for what you have accomplished.

Congratulations on an outstanding web site."

The Internet Beacon Gold Award is rated Level 5.0+ Elite by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Master of Magick Award Second Quarter Year 2001 Winner from NetMagick.Net

7 July 2001: "LivingManicDepressive defines what the Web is about. The Web is about the sharing of ideas and facts and motivations with people you would never meet in reality. Nowhere in art or in literature is there another medium where people can share the things that affect them personally as that which exists on the Web, where at the touch of a button you can access information from real people, not just books.

In recent times, Webmasters have turned away from the goal of sharing ideas and instead turned to commerce and animation in an attempt to turn the Web into just another television with millions of channels. The glitz and glitter that they present cannot hide the fact that there is no content at their sites. They have nothing to say.

We at NetMagick award sites that have something to say, that have something to contribute to humankind. Sites that just by reading them make you a more informed and aware human being. LivingManicDepressive is just such a site. It is a site that we got lost in, devouring all it had to offer. It is a site we will bookmark and return to. The writing is eloquent and at the same time ever so human, because it describes how it feels to be bipolar. That in itself is no easy task.

We are envious of this webmaster's talent at weaving the words that describe emotions that are both as fleeting as a butterfly's kiss and deep as the oceans that separate us. To honor this site is an honor received, not given.

LivingManicDepressive touched the hearts and minds of the judging staff of NetMagick. We thank you for sharing it with us. It was our pleasure to review it. "

NetMagick's "Master of Magick" Award is rated Level 5.0 by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Surfers Choice Internet Award from Surfer's Choice

11 July 2001: "Congratulations On Your Site's Selection To Surfers Choice Internet Awards.

Being selected as a Surfers Choice Internet Award winning site is a symbol of the quality of your site in terms of content, design and originality. You have added a special place for all users of the Web and we are pleased and honored to have this new association with you."

The Surfers Choice Internet Award is rated Level 5.0 by Award Sites and a World's Top Award by Website Awards

Living as a Manic Depressive web site featured in April 2000 edition of South African magazine SL.

April 2000: The article "On and Off the Rampage" is written by Belinda Blignaut in a sensitive and straightfoward manner and without any attempt to sensationalise or romanticise being bipolar. The magazine SL is itself is an intelligent version of a twentysomething magazine - that's quite rare these days - and has won awards in its own right.

Thank you to Belinda and to SL for publishing the article.

Blignaut, Belinda. April 2000."On and Off the Rampage," SL magazine, April 2000. SLYmedia, Cape Town, South Africa.

13 Dec 1999:'s Bipolar Disorder section, edited by Colleen Sullivan, is one of the one of the best guides to useful resources online.

"I'm writing today to let you know that I have added your website to the links at both places [ and Bipolar World ]. I feel there can never be enough information, caring or support for those with Bipolar Disorder and take very seriously the task of pointing them to the best on the net. Your page is among them."

13 Dec 1999: The Bipolar World Award

See above.

30 Nov 1999: Mental Health Net.

"I am happy to write you that your site has recently been awarded a two-star rating on Mental Health Net"

10 Oct 1999: Rothschild's webmaster's award for excellence.

"You recently applied for our award. We have examined you website and would like to say that it passed! Congratulations!

You were right - your site does measure up Jinnah. Your site also exceeded in the area of content. It is very brave and honorable of you to to publish information such as the state of Manic Depression. It helps to talk about it. Be well my friend :o)

Keep up the great work!"

3 Oct 1999: Goldvision's award for creativity, content and design.

"Congratulations, you have won the Internet Gold Award!

Your site demonstrates uniqueness, creativity, ease of navigation and best of all great content. Most of all, it was very touching."

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