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5 July 2014

I'm seeing a massive spike in traffic on the website since I was featured on the People of Trinidad and Tobago facebook page.

First off, thank you all for the comments on the facebook page. Much appreciated. Also, for those of you who asked questions or e-mailed me, I will be responding over the rest of the weekend (after the Costa Rica / Netherlands match). Feel free to comment on pages or send me a note.

Second, while I had been thinking of restarting posting on the website, I hadn't done it. However, the positive energy I'm getting from being featured is acting as a spur. I'm back.

The next post will be for parents - your teen might be acting strangely - should you be worried about mood swings or are they just being normal teens. And what might you do to check this out. Should be posted by Tuesday or so.

Thank you all.