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29 June 2009

I invited my friends to go see the movie The Proposal this afternoon. So after dinner, we ambled over to the movie theatre. We got there just as the trailers were starting.

At the third trailer, I nudged my friend sitting next to me and said - “Isn’t it a bit unusual to run the trailer for the show we are about to see?”

My friend looks at me a bit strangely and says - “That’s the trailer for the movie The Ugly Truth

I pause. Then I go - “So what is The Proposal about? I thought it was that one,” pointing to the trailer on the screen.

My friend: “The Proposal is with Sandra Bullock”

Me: “It is?”

My friend: “But you invited us to see this movie.”

Me - starting to feel a bit surreal here - “But if that (trailer) isn’t it, I don’t know what The Proposal is about.”

Luckily the movie was fairly decent and my friends enjoyed it.

This happens to me frequently. Wrong movies, wrong days, wrong times, wrong birthdays. I’m sure I frequently come across as a complete ditz.

When I get things wrong like this, and what I think is real, isn’t, I often feel as if the world is shifting under my feet, or as if for a moment reality becomes insubstantial. It’s quite unnerving. I usually hide the feeling but it sure is scary. These are times when I think most that I might be going insane.

Then the moment passes, and all is well. And my friends tease me unmercifully.

Update: My housemate verifies that my friends indeed think I’m a complete ditz.

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