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2 Jul 2009

Right. I'm finally starting back to maintain my website LivingManicDepressive and this companion blog.

The last year or so has been rough - in fact 2010 was my worst year for depression since about 1997/1998. That's why you haven't seen me posting. I'm hoping this time around things will be more stable.

The good news is that I a lot of experience I've collected over the years gelled last year (under the banner of This is nonsense and I'm fed up) and I'm hoping that I'll be able to write it all down before I forget it. Or before I get depressed again.

I'm also abandoning posting on facebook and posting here instead, so in addition to stuff related to mood swings, you'll also hear about my dogs. A lot about my dogs. An annoyingly large amount about my dogs.

I think I whine about my dogs more than I whine about being bipolar.

So...expect good things and wish me luck. Hopefully you'll hear from me a lot from now on. Again.

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Kristi LaneApr 26, 2011User InfoI have been fighting off a manic episode for the past few days. Desperate for information from someone who has experienced the same symptoms, I took to the net and found your website and blog. Ironic that you started blogging again the same month that I was reaching out for help. Your website has been very informative and has helped me to eliminate some of the guilt I have been feeling about my condition. Glad that you seem to be doing better yourselfApprovedSpamTrashLikeEditReply