Coping with Depression, Mania, and Bipolar Disorder

If you are here, stuff is probably going wrong in your life or in the life of someone close to you. However, a lot of us have gone through what you are experiencing. You are not alone.

There are over one hundred pages of information here on depression, mania, medications, and coping mechanisms, described in detail and in plain English. I hope you take the time to explore.

Depression - Symptoms, Meds, Coping

A really really good description on what happens as you become depressed. Why the language makes things worse. Also, why not to try to cheer us up.

Mania - Symptoms, Meds, Coping

Drugs and Therapy

Family, Friends, Relationships

This is the most read post on this site

Diagnosis and Doctors

General Bipolar Life Issues

My Bipolar Diary


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